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Fall 2024 SCSPA Individual Competition for Literary-Arts Magazines and Yearbooks

Fall 2024 Individual Awards for Literary-Arts Magazines and Yearbooks will be presented at the Fall 2024 SCSPA Conference at USC. We hope you will join us then to celebrate your success!

Programs must be SCSPA members to enter competitions. Membership runs by school year and should be renewed for 2024-2025 to enter. Deadline: June 7, 2024. Fee for the entire competition is $30. We can invoice you for the competition or you may pay on our Marketplace page.

Instructions for Fall 2024 individual competition:

Please upload your entries to your Google Drive. Then, link to your entries on the spreadsheets here. There are no special naming conventions. Share your completed spreadsheet with [email protected] Be sure you have given [email protected] full administrative/edit rights to the sheet and all of the files.

  • Open the view-only Google Sheet for your specific competition.
  • Make a copy of the sheet in your Google Drive.
  • Rename your copy of the sheet SchoolName_SCSPAFall24
  • Type your school name, school address, adviser name and adviser email address in the space provided at the top of the sheet
  • For each entry, type the student name(s) in the appropriate cell.
  • Paste a link to your entry in the appropriate cell
  • Please type the headline or identifying information in the appropriate cell.
  • Share your sheet with [email protected]
  • Deadline: June 7

If you have any problems, email [email protected]

Instructions and entry form for Fall 2024 SCSPA Literary-Arts Magazine Individual Competition

Instructions and entry form for Fall 2024 SCSPA Yearbook Individual Competition


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